About Us

Canada Wild is owned & operated by Peter Gatt.

It was founded in March 1994 by Peter Gatt and Julian Singh.

The goal of the company was to help people learn more about their cameras and to help them take better pictures. First we started taking people to the Toronto Zoo to photograph some animals. Then we started organizing some trips up to Algonquin Park and then to Killarney. After a while we started organizing workshops in a controlled captive situation to allow people the chance to photograph animals that they normally would have he chance to photograph in the wild.

We first stated with Birds of Prey, then added wolves, bears and cougars to the list.

Canada Wild Stopped operating for a long while as Peter Gatt and Julian Singh each started a family. In 2000, Peter Gatt and hos wife had triplets. Julian Singh and his wife had a baby boy in 2004. Needless to say,  they didn't have the time needed to run Canada wild. In 2006, Peter Gatt and his wife had yet another child. Putting off restarting the company a little longer.

Peter Gatt's children are much older now, so he has decided to start Canada Wild up again.  

Julian Singh has decided to pursue other interest, but is envolved with some of the trips from time to time.

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